How Youtube Can Help Get You Sponsors For Your Car

If you’re a car guy and have spent any time on the web, there’s no way you haven’t watched cars doing amazing things on Youtube. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of this amazing time-suck and productivity killer, Youtube is the mecca for online videos. And it can be a very powerful tool when it comes to landing you sponsorship deals for your car. And no, you don’t have to be an Oscar winning movie producer to have success with Youtube. You just need a decent digital video recorder (which can be found on most cel phones these days) and a little bit of strategy. I’m going to include a few videos below, found on Youtube, to help show you how it’s done.

Why invest in a video camera? Because videos are one of the most captivating types of content on the web, and they have the ability to go viral (reach a ton of people fast) the easiest. Companies who offer sponsorship deals know this and have come to expect candidates to have videos included in the proposal. If it’s not in the budget you’ll want to work towards it if you’re serious about obtaining significant sponsorship deals.

First things first – get on Youtube and watch a bunch of in-car videos and see what others have done. Watch them until your eyes bleed. You want to pay attention to camera angles, mounting locations, sound, commentary, etc. You’ll quickly find what looks and sounds good and what doesn’t. This will be subjective but it’s fairly easy to distinguish between a good video and a bad one.

Here’s a good example of an in-car video where a driver posted footage and gave some extra exposure to his sponsors:

Now, get yourself a video camera. The most widely used in motorsports today is the GoPro – you’ll find several variations of the GoPro, the GoPro HERO3 Black Edition and the older GoPro HERO2 Motorsports Edition. Either of these will do. It’s not cheap but it creates amazing results. You might be able to find some deals on other setups but don’t attempt to stick your cel phone on the dash and record your track footage, as the track marshals likely won’t allow it. You’ll need a camera that can be mounted securely to the car, preferably on a roll bar if you have one. I found a decent video on how to get started using a GoPro on – where else – Youtube:

Get to know your camera and have some fun!

Next, register an account on Youtube (or Google/Gmail, since Google owns Youtube) and start uploading your videos. This is where they’ll all be stored. For a quick walk through on uploading a video, watch this video:

Now that you have videos uploaded to Youtube you’re ready to start sharing them. If you have your blog set up, which hopefully you do, you’ll be able to directly embed your videos in your pages just like we have done on this page. All of the videos you see on this page are hosted on Youtube and have been embedded into the page. To see how we’ve done just follow this little tutorial:

The guide above shows you to embed videos in your website/blog. If you want to share the video on a forum you frequent, the steps are similar. Just click the Share link below the video as described in the video above and copy the link provided (or just highlight the URL in the address bar on the page in Youtube where the video is located and copy the link). Then paste that link into a forum thread or reply and you’ll find that some forums will actually automatically transform that link to an embedded video player once you submit the post. Don’t attempt to embed videos in forums, as most forum sites won’t allow that type of code to be posted – I know I’ve never allowed it in the forums I’ve owned or managed.

You can also easily share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms with ease. You’ll see the icons under the Share link. The more you share the video across all your channels, the better.

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