was created to help educate the masses on how to get sponsors for various automotive hobbies, with a heavy emphasis on amateur auto racing. Whether you’re looking to build a show car or a race car, you’ll find plenty of useful information on how to prepare for sponsorship, how to present value to potential car sponsors, and how to submit an effective proposal.

Do a few searches in Google on car sponsorship and you’ll find some websites promising to match you up with potential sponsors, making it sound like it’s easy to get sponsored. Others provide a list of companies who are looking to sponsor cars. Many who try those services find that the products being offered are rarely what they need or want for their cars. Car Sponsorship Guide is taking a different approach. I’d like to show you how to build up a solid image/reputation that sponsors in the automotive aftermarket will find appealing.

The information found on Car Sponsorship Guide is compiled from the experiences of various car and racing enthusiasts that have found success in landing some pretty impressive sponsorship deals. Get tips and tricks from insiders who know what companies are looking for. We don’t represent the companies offering sponsorships, nor do we claim to have all of tricks. This comprehensive guide is simply insight to what has worked for us, and we’re sure it will help you as well.

About Chris

I’m a car guy. I’ve always been a car guy. Through the years I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked for and built a few online businesses around cars and have done quite a bit of bartering. A LOT of bartering. Some of it was through automotive websites I had built where I traded parts for advertising. But there was a reason some of those companies were happy to trade parts with me – I was seen as someone who was influential and had built up a decent reputation through the sites I owned and my participation online. I was able to bring exposure to their products in an effective grass roots way.

Over the years I’ve also come across plenty of people (and made some friends) who I watched land sponsorship deals without owning or managing community websites like I did. They simply used the popular forums in their market to build their reputation up and were heavily involved where it mattered. I plan to use this site to share some of the lessons I’ve learned myself and through others to help show you how to be better positioned for sponsorship.

If you have had some success obtaining sponsorship and would like to share your stories with our readers, please send me a note.