Car Sponsorship

A Different Approach to Car Sponsorship

So you want free parts for your car? Need (or want) extra cash to support your racing hobby? Getting car sponsorship isn’t easy these days. This site will show you how to improve your chances of landing sponsorship deals using the web as your primary tool. Though this guide is focused heavily on motorsports and racing sponsorship, these techniques will also apply to just about anything you want to get sponsored for including skateboarding, surfing, mountain biking, as well as becoming a sponsored athlete. Of course landing sponsors will depend on several factors, including what you want out of the sponsorship, what kind of car you have, what you bring to the table for the sponsor, your sponsorship proposal, and your driving skills. You will come away from this guide with some good strategies to get more from your sponsorship goals – it doesn’t matter if you’re a track day “noob” or a veteran in the racing world.

Are you looking to cover racing expenses? Are you looking to build a race car (or even a show car/high horsepower street car) with free and heavily discounted parts? What exactly are you looking to accomplish if you were to get sponsored? What can you bring to the sponsor to help their bottom line? Before you get started with any sponsorship plan you must be able to answer these questions. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to compete in autocross, rallycross, time trials, club racing, spec racing, drag racing, etc. If you want to get sponsored you must come up with a plan, which should include goals and how you you plan to accomplish them.

This Car Sponsorship Guide will teach you several ways you can make yourself and your car more attractive to potential sponsors through some fairly basic grassroots efforts. Most of these techniques are not ground breaking. Anyone can learn to apply them. And some of it may even seem like common sense, but as you read through our methods you quickly realize sponsorship requires way more than slapping sponsor decals on your car and attending events. Maybe that’s how it used to be, but sponsors expect quite a bit more these days. You MUST leverage the web if you want to even be considered – this guide will show you how.

What You Need to Know on How to Get Sponsored

Preparation makes all the difference. Before you submit a sponsorship proposal you’ll need to work on improving your skills, generating content from your events (photos, write-ups, videos, etc), building an audience, and sharing that content with your audience on the web. Your audience should include people in the target audience of the sponsors you’re planning to go after. What you’re essentially doing is building a portfolio and a brand at the same time and showing sponsors that you have the ear of the people they want to sell more products and services to. It might sound like a tall order, but rest assured the web makes all of this easier than you think. We’ll get into more detail on how to do this effectively in various blog entries. This guide will talk about tools to help you create quality articles, tips to make your online activity more effective, and will introduce you to various technologies and walk you through using them.

Now that you’ve gathered photos and write-ups from events you’ve attended you need to promote it all online. These days sponsors want to see how much exposure you can bring them online as well as offline. You must show that you can be an authority that people will listen to and trust, and posting content about your build and your event participation online will help achieve this. Sponsors will expect you to have a professional looking website/blog set up, an active presence in the popular make/model enthusiast forums for your car, and they’ll also be looking for social media and Youtube activity. A Facebook profile is a must. If you don’t have a Facebook profile set up, do it now and start connecting with all of your friends (especially the car and racing friends).

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For those who would prefer a guide they can download and print out as a reference, I might consider offering an eBook on the subject with additional tips, tutorials, and features that others before you have found to be effective – please email me if you’re interested.